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Currently going through our seed+ round and looking for serious investors.
VueBoats.com - a disrupter  in the boat networking industry. Reach out to me to learn more about how we will be using the data that we collect to grow into the #1 boat platform.
To learn more, simply Email: rocky@Pinnekel.com

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We deliver defect free product in a very timely manner at the lowest possible price so that our customers are fully satisfied. This is possible because of the vast experience that we have and the high level of commitment.
To ensure very high quality we ensure that we source only from the best suppliers who have a very good reputation. Also within the organization every one works single mindedly to ensure there are no defects. Finally our testing and quality assurance is very strict, so if there are any defects they are immediately identified before reaching the customer.
Punctuality & timely delivery is the soul of our business. Timely delivery is another important area why our customers respect us. We go great lengths to ensure that we keep up with the time commitment. We do not commit unless we know for sure that we can deliver on time.
Our pricing is considered one of the best as we provide very good value for money. This is again possible because of the extensive experience our of top management and the vast contacts that allow us to source from different suppliers and also our internal methods that make it possible for us to give you the lowest possible price without compromising on quality.



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